Information for Speakers 

We expect a few last-minute cancellations in the days before the congress which may result in minor modifications of the program. Please double check your session time and room number on the morning of the 21st


  • Submitted papers are allocated 35 minutes (20-25 minutes talk + 10-15 mins Q&A). Please keep the time! Talks are organised in sessions of 2 or 3 papers. There is a 5-minute break between talks in case people want to move between sessions. (On the Easychair program, the second talk starts 40 minutes after the first, and the third 40 minutes after the second. Please note that these 40 minutes also include the 5 minute break when people move from one session to another.) 
  • Symposia sessions are 115 minutes (70-75 mins talks + Q&A). 
  • Section keynotes sessions are 75 minutes (40-45 mins talk + Q&A). 


The presentation computer allows presentations with the following specifications: 

Presentation Size: 16:9 only 


  • PDF 
  • Powerpoint. NB: The system allows no “PowerPoint Presenter View”. 
  • Every format that can be opened in VLC media player. 
  • To open any other file format, connect your own device. 


Connecting your own device:

Should you wish to connect your own device, the following options are available: 

  • HDMI 
  • VGA 
  • Apple devices: Please bring your own adapter. (The support staff doesn’t normally offer Mac support, but they will do their best). 


Should you wish to show something on the internet: 

  • The PRESENTATION COMPUTER has a stable LAN connection 
  • To connect YOUR OWN DEVICE to the internet, please use the WiFi login credentials you are receiving on-site, at the registration desk. 


  • The session rooms are equipped with control modules that are connected to a presentation computer. These modules are operated by our volunteers, who will be assisting you in setting up your presentation. Volunteers have a green bar on their name badge.  
  • The volunteers will be in the session rooms 10-15 minutes before the session starts. Please aim to upload your presentation before the whole session starts. (This applies also if your talk is the second or third in a session; please don’t leave uploading the presentation to the 5 minutes between two session talks).  
  • It is unfortunately not possible to send presentations in advance. 
  • If you would like to use handouts, you will need to print and bring them.