Studying Analytic Philosophy in Europe

The opportunities to study analytic philosophy in Europe have considerably increased in the last few decades. Although, there have been good opportunities to study analytic philosophy in the UK and in Scandinavia since the end of World War II, it has taken some time to re-establish analytic philosophy in Continental Europe. Nonetheless, nowadays there are good study programs in all regions of Europe. These offer either complete study tracks in analytic philosophy or at least the possibility of specializing in analytic philosophy.

However, in some regions of Europe, analytic philosophy is still very much under-represented and students interested in studying analytic philosophy might find it difficult to track down a suitable program in their region. Similarly, students from outside Europe who would like to begin or continue their studies in analytic philosophy might wonder where to turn to for information about which philosophy programs in Europe actually offer training in analytic philosophy.

Graduate programs in analytic philosophy are listed in the most common study portals, for example here and here. Limiting the search to the discipline “philosophy” and the keyword “analytic” (as you can in will give you a small selection of the analytic philosophy programs in Europe. Many of the programs that are listed under only “philosophy” will however also offer analytic specialization tracks or might even be exclusively analytic (one can usually find out which of these they are by reading the self description of the programs at the respective websites). Unfortunately there is as yet no database that would allow you to search for all and only the study programs that offer education in analytic philosophy. Not only that, but the databases listed above are in any case incomplete and do not even list some of the best programs in Europe.

However, the European Society for Analytic Philosophy (ESAP) would like to improve this situation and we are currently looking into ways providing this information to students. Until then, if you’re looking for a program in analytic philosophy, we encourage you to contact a member of the ESAP Steering Committee from your region or the area of analytic philosophy that interests you, and we will try to give you advise on where to find a suitable program to apply to.