ECAP 9 – Media

Peter AdamsonWhat Analytic Philosophy Can Do For the Historian: the Case of Islamic PhilosophyWatch the Video
Kwame Anthony AppiahTwo Cheers for EqualityWatch the Video
Franz BertoLogic Will Get You from A to B. Imagination Will Take You EverywhereWatch the Video
Paul EgreGraded Membership, Typicality, and SubjectivityWatch the Video
Pierre JacobWhat Is so Special about Human Social Cognition?Watch the Video
Rae LangtonBlocking as Counter-speechWatch the Video
Christian ListBeyond Consequentialization: How to Represent Moral Theories in a Canonical FormWatch the Video
Anna Sofia MaurinGrounding & Explanation: A Cautionary TaleWatch the Video
Serena OlsarettiParental Partiality and Equality: A ReconciliationWatch the Video
Sonia Roca RoyesCurrent Issues in the Epistemology of ModalityWatch the Video
Elliott SoberOckham’s Razor and the Mind/Body ProblemWatch the Video
Helen Steward’Dis-contented Animals’Watch the Video