ECAP 9 – Chairing

If you are willing to chair one or more sessions during ECAP9 please apply by using the chairing calendar.

Please Note:

A session consists of up to four individual talks (30 minutes each) all related to a certain topic.

Please be aware that there might be future discrepancies between the chairing calendar and the actual program! There will surely be changes due to cancelations. These and the resulting shifts will be considered in a final version in August and therefore we kindly ask you to schedule your visit to Munich not too tightly. Thanks for your understanding and apologies for any inconvenience!


  1. Follow the link to the Chairing Calendar.
  2. Use the Timeline to choose a session in one of the twelve conference sections. You can switch between a topics view, meaning the section name e.g. “Section 3 Philosophy of Science”, and an event view, meaning the session name e.g. “Philosophy of Biology I”.
  3. Click “Register”, fill in the registration form and submit by clicking “Register” yet again.
  4. Choose when you want to receive your reminder and finalize your registration by clicking “Register” one last time.